BRBU Planetside 2 Montage Pt. 1


Watch us fail horribly!

BRBU Fun Times in Planetside 2

Video by Elder

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March 27 2013 @ 7:43 AM

Atom & Karrde's NS2 Give Away



An Image

Rules: Take any official NS2 art or screenshots off of or and use MS Paint to make a comical piece.  If this takes more than a few minutes, you're doing it wrong.  Karrde and At0m will decide which entry is the best and will choose the winners.

For those who don't know, NS2 is an updated sequel of the original Natural Selection Half-Life mod, and it's coming out THIS MONTH after a long development cycle. It features a combination of FPS and top down RTS mechanics with two asymmetrical sides.  The game takes its inspiration from films like Aliens and games like Starcraft.  All around a nice, fast paced shooter.  Highly recommended. Now I'm not sure if this gets you into the current beta, or just the final game.  Frankly, I can't be arsed to look. Strike that, at0m did and it's both!  BESIDES YOU ARE GETTING A FREE GAME BEFORE IT COMES OUT SO WHY DO YOU CARE?!

Anyway, good luck?  Winners to be decided and announced on 10/19

See More Here

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October 2 2012 @ 7:53 AM

ND Contest!


An Image

The idea is simple. Using the photo-manipulation software of your choice, create or alter an image relating to Nuclear Dawn. It can be something that looks awesome, funny, terrible, whatever. Me and possibly other members of the team will judge them and declare three winners that night who will each receive a free copy of Nuclear Dawn!


Entries must be posted by next Friday, October 7th, 0600 UTC.

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September 29 2011 @ 10:44 PM

Thor Review


Karth, our resident movie critic, has posted a review of Paramount's Thor, you can view the review here in our podcast section.

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May 9 2011 @ 6:05 AM

BrB,U vs Target Sucks - UGC Highlander Shoutcast


Our match on 3/7 will be shoutcast by ExTV eSports, you can view the stream - here.

The match is at 8:30pm CST, just go to the channel stream to view and listen to the match, you don't even need to have TF2 to watch.

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March 5 2011 @ 11:59 AM

Server Updates


As most of you should be aware by now Red's IP changed, I initially said this changed due to a crash on gameservers' part, this is not the case. I spent most of my snowmageddon day off porting everything over to NFO, Kirby spoiled the surprise several times over. I wanted to see if people actually noticed a change in or if the hit detection woes were mostly in their head.

Either way, its gotten a lot harder to seed Red as I expected so I was not wrong in overstating the value of a very old IP, as opposed to pubs flooding in when we'd get 8 people in, it now takes 12 - 14, it seemed last night that we had to get the server to 16 people before _any_ random joined. So, for those of you that kept hounding me to do this, step up or shut-up, because I can just as easily reactivate the old GS server if we aren't seeding this one. And I simply do not have the time to come home after work and spend a 2 hour session getting the server full only to watch it empty out within 30 minutes of me leaving.

Oh and Red now has a vote 5 min prior to the map ending, it will show whats nominated or the next 5 maps in rotation. Please be kind to pubbies in what maps you pick  :-*

Now, on to Blue - I have placed this plugin on Blue

This plugin disables unlockable weapons, forcing the server back to vanilla. Basically if you have an unlocked weapon equipped, it forces you back to stock.

What This Plugin Does:
- Prevents Users from Equipping Certain Weapons
- Re-Equips users with stock items

What This Plugin Does Not Do:
- Disables Hats and Other Misc Items

I've heard more than a few people say they'd play TF2 more if valve hadn't "ruined it" by adding things. So, just like I said with Red, nut-up or shut-up, if that's really what you want, now you have it  :-*

To Recap:
Red: Custom Maps + Unlocks -
Blue: Vanilla Stock + No Unlocks -
Green: Payload-Only -
Yellow: Vanilla Stock + Unlocks -
(HeK if you could make a yellow and green pointer, <3 )

I will be doing a re-evaluation of admin access on servers in the coming weeks and partially basing this on who is seeding and actually playing a fair amount. So if you are interested, let me know.

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February 7 2011 @ 9:32 AM

Christmas Break Contest 2010


Keep'in it Full TF2 Contest - Christmas Break Edition

Running Time: Dec 20th - Jan 10th
1st Place - $60 Game(s) of Your Choice on Steam
2nd Place - $30 Game(s) of Your Choice on Steam
3rd Place - $15 Game(s) of Your Choice on Steam

This will be run in a very similar manner to the first/second contest - which you can see here. In order to view the entry thread, and get in on the contest you will need to sign-up for a forum account, the full rules and entry can be viewed here (account required to post/enter).

Please remember you _must_ post in the sign-up thread in order to be in on the drawing

Good Luck to Everyone!

Final Results

3rd Place - Sk8mystery
2nd Place - Karth
1st Place  - Moosendoo

It is the responsibility of the winners to PM me on steam

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December 19 2010 @ 6:48 PM

Operation Christmas - 12/23


Join BrB,U on 12/23 for Operation Christmas!

As a collective group we will be flooding our servers and opening "Pile O Gift" items from the Mann Co store.  When used, the gift pile will give a random item to a maximum of 23 people in the server not including the person activating the item. This means that in a server of 24 people everyone receives 23 random items.

The gift pile is $20 in the Mann Co. Store, so if you would like to participate please see the sign-up thread in the forums.

Sign-Up to Participate Here!

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December 15 2010 @ 9:38 AM

First Podcast: BrB,Recording - Mass Effect


Its been a long time in discussion, but thanks to EvilCheese, we finally have the first episode of our podcast, "BrB, Recording". Podcasts will feature members of the community discussing and reviewing games and other relevant internet topics.

At this point we're still unsure how frequently we'll turn out podcasts, but I'd check back on a monthly basis for new episodes.

We're always looking for new topics or people interested in participating, so if you have a good mic and like lengthy discussions on video games, contact Evil Cheese to sign up.

Download the Podcast Here

Original Discussion


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December 9 2010 @ 8:23 AM

Thursday Mod Night 10/7/10


An Image

Starting back up after my 2 weeks absence, we'll be playing Fortress Forever

Fortress Forever is based around what the original Team Fortress 2 was going to be, retaining a lot of the mechanics from the original TFC. All on the shiny source engine.

Hope to see a lot of you turn out for this. It was fun when we played it before.


Server IP:
Time: 9pm EST
Password: littlecart

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October 6 2010 @ 3:30 PM